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Hey there!  I’m Kat, and I’m so glad you’re here–

I believe every woman has a PURPOSE.

And if you happen to be a busy mom like me–your purpose could seem like little more than changing diapers and scaling Laundry Mountain.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

You can absolutely enjoy your mom life right now in this season–you don’t have to wait until the kids grow up.  You can be the happy, fulfilled mom you always hoped you would be.

The first step is to come up with a plan.  Don’t worry–I can help with that. 


What would you like to do?

Simplify Your [mom] life

Get encouragement and tools to help you manage your home with ease and prioritize the people who matter most in your life–without feeling guilty or neglecting yourself.

Walk in Purpose

Find inspiration and resources to help you manage your time to make space in your life for spiritual growth and cultivating relationships, so you can become a woman of intent and influence.


Get access to a library of free digital tools to help you simplify your life and manage your home like a boss!

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Meet Kat

Hey there!  I'm Kat, homeschooling mom of four.  I'm on a journey to design a life I don't want to hide in the bathroom from.  Sound good to you?  Hope you'll join me!

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