50 Ways for Stay-at-Home Moms to Make Money From Home

by | Aug 21, 2019 | MOTHERHOOD

Need some extra money for vacation, after-school activities, cash to pay down debt, or seed money to fund your dream?

Here are some of the best side hustles for stay at home moms who are looking to make some quick extra money to pad their family budget.


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1) Virtual Assistant

Bloggers and business owners need your skills to help them keep things running.  If you can send an email, you can start your own VA business in no time.


2) Freelancer

Use your graphic design skills, writing abilities, and more as a freelancer. Freelancing is perfect for SAHMs because you set your own hours.


3) Photographer

If you have a great eye for it, you can start a photog side biz with little investment.  All you need is a good camera and the willingness to learn.  A good photographer is always in high demand.


4) Survey Taker

There are many sites where you can take surveys for cash and/or gift cards.  Check out a list of survey sites here.


5) Social Media Manager

If you’re a frequent poster on Instagram and Facebook, you might consider learning to manage social media for a blogger or small business.


6) Direct Sales

Everyone knows somebody who sells protein shakes, essential oils, makeup, and household products.

It’s easy to set up a direct sales business, but you normally have to invest some money up front to get started.

With a genuine love for the products and an authentic (read: not slimy or pushy) sales pitch, you can be extremely successful in direct sales.


7) Fiverr Jobs

Pick up an odd job on Fiverr and get paid per task.  This is a good way to build your portfolio if you’re starting out as a freelancer.  Or you can work a few jobs and make as much or as little as you want.


8) Proofreader

Grammar fanatics unite!  Truth be told, you need more than just good grammar skills to become a professional proofreader, but it’s a great start and a great work from home job.


9) Etsy Shop Owner

Sell your handmade items (crafts, jewelry, candles, etc) on Etsy.  You can sell physical items and digital items (downloadable art like this, planners, and printables) on this vast online marketplace.  Open your shop and get 40 free listings here!


10) Babysitter

If you love children, this is a viable way to make some quick cash.  People need childcare before and after school, on the weekends, during the evenings, holiday breaks, and during the summer.


11) Caterer

Love to cook for large groups of people?  Consider starting your own catering business.  You can start as small as you need to, promote your biz on social media, and scale up from there.


12) Data Entry

If you don’t mind dealing with numerous lines of text and numbers, data entry is a gig to consider.  The pros? It’s pretty mindless, and it’s easy money.


13) Drop shipping

You can run your own store from your home by purchasing items from wholesalers, pricing products on your online storefront for a profit, and having them shipped from another company. You don’t keep the items in stock personally; you send the orders into a distributor, who handles shipping.


14) Event Planner

If you are great with details and planning, you will make a great wedding or party planner.  I would totally hire someone to plan birthday parties for me.  Stay busy by posting pics on social media and utilizing word of mouth.


15) Travel Agent

If planning vacations (especially to Disney) is your forte, you’ll likely find success as a travel agent.


16) Customer Service

Are you an extraordinarily patient and kind person?  Companies like Amazon need customer service representatives to work remote in the call center, especially around the holidays.


17) Online Teacher

SAHMs who have a background in teaching, and especially homeschooling moms may consider applying to teach ESL to children online.  You may have to adjust your work hours to another time zone, but this is a rewarding opportunity financially and otherwise.


18) Tutoring

You can set up a tutoring business in your home and work with students one on one in your favorite subject.


19) Dog Walker

Make great money AND get your workout on by walking dogs for your neighbors and local friends.


20) Focus Groups

Get paid to offer your opinions on a variety of products and services.  Find a group near you here.


21) Website Tester

Navigate websites and get paid to offer your feedback.  You’re on the internet anyway–might as well make a few bucks doing it!


22) Mystery Shopper

Are you a window shopper?  Find a company that will pay you to act like a customer and give feedback on stores and employees.


23) Voice Over Actor

If you enjoy reading or telling stories using funny voices, consider getting into voice over work to make some extra cash.


24) Bookkeeper

Are you good with money and/or a whiz at balancing your budget?  Find a job as a bookkeeper.  Bonus points if you can work remote.


25) Makeup Artist

If you get a lot of praise for your makeup, you would probably make a great makeup artist.  Launch your MUA business by doing makeup for friends and family and promoting your work on Youtube and Instagram.  You will want to invest in a few high-quality products and brushes to get started.


26) Hair Stylist

Do you love doing hair?  Consider going pro by offering your services to friends and family first, then expanding your clientele.  Anyone can build a business these days simply by using social media.

Word of mouth is a powerful way to gain clients.  Everyone is looking for a good hair stylist, and it’s easy to set up shop in your own home or travel to provide your services.


27) Personal Shopper

Are you a fashionista on a budget?  Get paid to shop for other people.  Yes, that’s right–I said people. will. pay. you. to. shop. for. them.

To get started:  find that one person you know that HATES shopping and offer to go with them.  This is your training sesh.  Build up your portfolio by snapping pics of different looks and posting on social media.  Spread the word and start your shopping biz.


28) Copywriter

A good copywriter is a job that will stay in high demand (that is, until all of our jobs are overtaken by artificial intelligence haha).

Seriously though–if you enjoy writing, you can find work in a variety of fields–blog writing, ghostwriting, even book writing.  No worries if your grammar isn’t perfect–there are several tools to help you fake it til you make it.  If you are a good storyteller and communicator, you can learn to become a great writer.


29) Graphic Designer

Use your artistic skills to provide and edit graphics for bloggers and business owners.  You can:

  • design advertisements and flyers
  • design business cards and logos
  • design CD covers
  • create social media cover images
  • create pinnable images
  • design coffee mugs and t-shirts
  • create wedding, party, and shower invitations
  • create graduation, engagement, and birth announcements
  • design greeting cards
  • create printables for baby and wedding shower games
  • design table cards and labels for weddings and other formal events
  • design e-book covers and workbooks
  • plus so much more!


30) Web Designer

Mamas who code can find steady work designing and building websites.


31) Housekeeper

You gotta clean anyway–why not make a few bucks cleaning someone else’s space?  Does anyone else find it easier to get motivated to clean someone else’s house, or am I just weird?


32) Transcriptionist

Bloggers, influencers, and small business owners need people to turn audio and video into text.  Get paid to write captions for videos and transcriptions for podcasts and other media.  Here is a list of transcription companies that pay you to type from home.


33) Call Center Operator

Find a remote job handling customer service calls, and other jobs you can do from home.


34) Seamstress

If you can stitch a straight line and have basic tailoring skills, you can start a business mending and tailoring clothes for other people.


35) Video Editor

Editing is a time-consuming process, and many businesses and influencers are eager to outsource this task.  If you have a good eye and some decent editing software, you are well on your way.


36) Accountant

If you are a CPA, you can make decent money in your business as a personal accountant–especially around tax time.


37) Website Flipping

If you enjoy blogging, you can make a nice chunk of change fixing up and flipping websites.  For this job, you need to be able to invest upfront to purchase the website.  With a little time and some hard work, you can make a quick profit.


38) Art Teacher

Use your artistic abilities to teach art classes.  You could work for a school, homeschool co-op, or anywhere with some imagination.


39) Personal Trainer

If you’re into fitness, you can make money helping others reach their personal goals.  Personal trainers are always in demand.  You could work at a gym or in the homes of your clientele.


40) Cake Designer

Combine your design skills and passion for dessert into a business with loads of potential for growth.

You don’t need to be a professional pastry chef.  You can take classes online and develop your skills (read: test your products on friends and family first) before taking your show on the road.


41) Amazon Reseller

Reselling is a straightforward way to make money with no to low startup cost.  You can start by selling items around your house that are in good condition.  Find products at the thrift store, your local Dollar Tree, and in the clearance section at your local big box stores.  Click here to create an Amazon seller’s account and get started.


42) Ebay Reseller

Sell items on eBay to clear your house of clutter, or turn a profit by selling items purchased on the cheap somewhere else.  You can use the eBay mobile app to scan the barcode of the item you want to sell to compare it to other listings and find out what it’s selling for.  Click here to create an eBay account.


43) Mercari Reseller

Mercari is an online marketplace where you can sell clothes, shoes, household items, and more.  Your gently used name brand clothing and shoes will likely sell out first.  Click here to get the Mercari app.


44) Poshmark Reseller

Poshmark is a huge online secondhand marketplace where you can buy and sell clothing, jewelry, and other fashion items.  You can easily clear out your closet and fill your pockets with cash.  Click here to open a Poshmark account.


45) Facebook Marketplace Reseller

Facebook Marketplace is the new Craigslist, and an easy way to buy and sell all kinds of items.  I’ve seen people sell upcycled furniture and other handcrafted items on FB Marketplace.  Personally, I’ve bought a lot of furniture through the marketplace.

To get access on your Facebook account, look for a section on the left titled “Marketplace” to find it.  Upload pictures of your items, include a detailed listing, and you’re ready to roll.


46) Craigslist Reseller

Sell pretty much anything you want on Craigslist.  Furniture is a huge seller, but you could also list cars and even services.


47) Uber/Lyft Driver

All you need is a GPS and a love for driving to make some cash taxiing customers around your local city.

Punctual and helpful drivers may earn a good tip.


48) Grocery delivery

Get paid to shop at the grocery store and deliver goods around your town.  Instacart is a popular option–sign up here to become a shopper.


49) Music Teacher

Love music and teaching?  Make some cash teaching lessons in your home or the home of your students.


50) Professional Organizer

Take your love for order to the streets and help people get organized.  This is an especially lucrative career because of the minimalism trend.



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  1. Kenzie

    This is an awesome list!! So comprehensive. I have never heard of a Mystery Shopper- that sounds right up my alley 😍. I have thought MANY times about transcribing to make a little side cash.

    • Kat Charles

      Hey there Kenzie, glad to help ;). Yes!!! Mystery shopping is something I’ve considered in my “free” time. It might keep me out of trouble! Let me know if you start transcribing and like it! That’s another one I haven’t tried yet.

  2. Kristine Louis

    Great list! So many options to unleash our creativity 🙂


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