How to Declutter Your House Fast

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Fresh.  Peaceful. Open.


You know what you want your house to feel like.

You know you need to do something about the clutter.

It’s getting in the way–it’s robbing you of peace and joy.

It keeps you up at night.  

It’s interfering with your marriage, your motherhood, and your goals.

How rude.

If you’re anything like me, you might be overwhelmed and wondering where in the world to start.

Or you might wonder how the heck you’re supposed to get it all done WITH THE KIDS STILL IN THE HOUSE.

While your plate is still piled high with your job, school, ministry, homeschooling, and all of your other responsibilities.

As a homeschooling mom of four kids, I get it.

What I also know is that your family needs the best version of you–undistracted, less stressed, and ready to be present.

It’s your life, mama.  Shouldn’t you get to enjoy it, too?



30 day declutter challenge



Clutter is a sneaky devil disguised as your BFF.

Clutter represents your memories, hopes, and dreams.  It’s a way to hold onto the past (old movie stubs and other paraphernalia) and sometimes even the future (skinny jeans, anyone?).

Clutter will look up at you with its huge, sparkly, doe eyes and convince you to hold it tight and never let go.

But don’t be fooled–COMPLETE TAKEOVER is the name of the game.

Before you know it, clutter has set itself up as the Boss Applesauce and you are serving it.




1) Your space.

In the beginning, clutter presents itself as innocent.  It starts with a few things here and there.  A pair of jeans here and a happy meal toy there.  But over time, clutter swells into a beast of epic proportions beyond anything you EVER could have imagined.

It spreads and steals your space, shoving you and your loved ones out of its way while it claims your home as its territory.

What if your home felt more open, fresh, and clean?

What if it only took a few minutes to freshen up for company, and you didn’t have to shove things under beds and into closets?

How could you show up for your friends, family, and community?


2) Your time.

Imagine playing with your kids or taking them places guilt-free, instead of feeling bogged down by mountains of dishes and laundry.

Imagine connecting with your spouse instead of thinking about or catching up on housework.

How would a clutter-free home impact your family?


3) Your purpose.

I believe women in general, and specifically moms, are made for more than cooking and cleaning all the time.

You were created for a purpose.  You were given talents and natural gifts to share with the world.  Isn’t that exciting??

Maintaining your home is important, but it doesn’t have to dominate your time.




Someone close to me uttered these unforgettable words:  Your house is out of order.

When we moved from our one-bedroom apartment into our house almost 10 years ago, we pretty much set down the boxes and kept on living.

I didn’t really take time to set up our space.  I was busy with a full-time job and two kids at that point–and quite honestly, a marriage that was a little rocky.

I hadn’t really stopped to catch my breath when this person moved in with us to help take care of the kids and house while I worked a new job.

Thankfully, she also helped me get things organized, and I saw the impact it had on my family and most of all–my mental state.

When I quit my job to stay home, one of the first things I did was begin to declutter our house.

It took me a few cycles, but now I can sweep through the house once a year to maintain.

Our house feels so much more peaceful than before. Our kids play much better together and keep their rooms a lot cleaner.  I spend far less time doing housework now.

My husband feels better about coming home from a long day at work.

My house is a work in progress–it’s not Pinterest-perfect.

But at least now I can handle a project or two without feeling completely overwhelmed.

I can tidy up in less time, and invite people over without feeling stressed.

Heck–I can invite people over, period.






1)  Download the 30-day decluttering guide for free here.

2)  Set a timer each day for 15-60 minutes (or however much time you can spare) to work on decluttering.

3)  For each area of your house, make three piles–keep, donate, and trash.  Clear out each space completely, wipe it clean, and organize the things you want to keep.

4)  Find a charitable organization that will pick up donation items from your house.

Schedule a pick-up in advance.  A deadline will light a fire under you to get the job done.  Give yourself 30-60 days.

5)  Make it a party–invite friends to help, shop your donation piles, and offer to help your friends with their decluttering.

6)  Get your family involved.  Talk to your spouse before you begin to make sure you’re on the same page.  Please ask before getting rid of anything that belongs to your spouse–even if you think your spouse is a packrat.  Let the kids help, and reward them for letting go of old toys and other belongings.

7)  Take breaks if you need to.  If 30 days isn’t enough, you can stretch it out to 60 or 90, depending on how much stuff you have.  Conversely, it might not take you a whole 30 days.

8)  Celebrate your progress!  Take before and after pics and enjoy your new space!



If your kids are in school, you can do the bulk of your decluttering during school hours.

If you have littles at home, consider these tips:

  • Set aside short bursts of time to declutter (15 to 60 minutes) while they watch a show or video.
  • Work on decluttering during naptime.
  • Swap childcare with a friend.
  • Get someone to watch the kids for an hour or two–a family member, friend, or hire a tween or teen as a mother’s helper.



If you’re homeschooling, you might have more flexibility depending on your schedule.

Consider “unschooling” for a while so you can get the house together.  You can set your kids up with educational games, videos, and books.  Invest a few weeks into decluttering to free up the mental energy required to homeschool your kids.

Get the kids to help.  Older kids can sort through their own things–talk to them first.  They might also be able to watch the younger kids while you focus on decluttering.

I took a homeschool break for the summer to focus on decluttering and other projects.

It meant we had a more laid back summer, but for me, the trade-off was well worth it.  When we start school again, we’ll be refreshed and ready, with a clean house and a fresh start!


Where to start decluttering when you’re overwhelmed

When you’re overwhelmed, you need a quick win to get the ball rolling.

The best place to start is in a small area–for me, it was my purse.  I knew I could find at least 5 minutes to discard old receipts, movie stubs, and stale animal crackers. 

Where you start may be different.  For some, it’s the bathroom.  For others–a linen closet.  

I highly suggest mapping out each area of your house that needs to be purged.  

The 30-day decluttering guide has a plan outlined for you.  Here are some of the zones included in the guide:

  • Your purse/wallet
  • Bathroom
  • Junk drawer
  • Mail/Paperwork
  • Your clothes/shoes
  • Linen closet
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Kids’ clothes/shoes
  • Hall Closet
  • Kitchen
  • Pantry
  • Bookcases/shelves
  • Kids’ paperwork
  • Movies
  • Toys
  • Craft supplies
  • Garage/shed
  • Car



If you’re ready to take your house (and pretty much your life) back, my FREE 30-day decluttering challenge will get the ball rolling for you.

I’ve created a plan to help you start small and build momentum quickly so you see results fast without getting overwhelmed.

Step by step, you will conquer the clutter in your home and create a more peaceful environment for your family.

The 30-day decluttering challenge is perfect for:

  • the mama who needs a starting point
  • the mama who needs a done-for-you plan
  • the mama who is ready to take back her house

If this is for you–download the 30-day guide now!



30 day declutter challenge

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