5 Ways to Make Amazing Mom Friends

by | May 16, 2018 | MOTHERHOOD, relationships


Wanna boost your budget?  Master meal planning?  Clear the clutter?  Finally create a system that WORKS without losing your mind!  Mama, your time is NOW.

Have you found your tribe?


If you have, you are blessed!  Cherish them!  There are so many reasons to connect with people.  Friends offer support, advice, prayer, laughter, accountability, and so much more.

Maybe you are in the market for a clan of ride-or-dies and haven’t quite made a connection.  Personally, my group of friends has changed (slightly) with every major life transition I’ve gone through.  If this sounds like you–here are some ideas to help you make new friends and hopefully, find your people.



5 WAYS TO Make amazing mom friends


1)  Join a group. 


Finding friends with common interests is a great way to connect.  Do you have any hobbies?  There are plenty of interest-based groups to choose from on Meetup, Facebook, and even your local parks and recreation organization. 

Like to dance?  Take a class.  Are you a mom with little babies?  Join a stroller walking group to make friends and get in shape.  Or join a MOPS group.  Many churches host small groups and other ministries where you can connect with others and meet potential friends.



2)  Be proactive. 


Sometimes we have to put ourselves out there and create the community that we are longing for.  Take the first step.  Say hello.  Offer a [genuine] compliment.  Invite someone for coffee or a playdate.  You have nothing to lose, and you get bonus points for bravery.



3)  Keep an open mind. 


I’m going to keep it real here, I don’t have to scroll very far to see that judgment and competition are each kind of a serious issue among women. 

These two things are barriers to connection, and we can absolutely bridge these gaps by remembering that 1) we are all doing the best we know how to and 2) love covers a multitude of wrongs.  If we stopped to think about it, we probably have a lot more similarities than differences.



4)  Opposites attract. 


This point sort of goes with #3.  At the risk of sounding cliché, you cannot judge a book by its cover.  That woman you know with resting you-know-what face may actually turn out to be a great friend.  The quiet lady who sits in the corner of your [whatever] class may just have social anxiety, and may (once you get to know her) actually be an amazing person to hang with.  Away from tons of people, maybe.



5)  Keep your expectations in check. 


Ideally, you’ll want to keep your inner circle tight.  Choosing your friends wisely means choosing people who are a positive influence, who treat you with respect, and are at the very least, not shady.  At the end of the day, people are just people who sometimes make mistakes.  And people are imperfect and cannot be your everything.  Don’t put the key to your happiness is someone else’s pocket.


Hopefully, these tips helps someone out there make at least a new friend or two!


  1. Drea

    Yeah, my “tribe” has changed multiple times over the years. Currently I’m in between tribes. My problem i think is I want a tribe so bad I end up adding people to my tribe who either shouldn’t be or they don’t feel the same way about me as I do about them.

    • Kat Charles

      Drea, I can definitely relate to this. Praying for the right people to come into, or to be revealed in your life!

      • Andrea

        Thanks, sis.

  2. Jocelyn Kopac

    I tell my clients proactivity is so important! Great advice.

  3. Jenny

    Yeah! This was a great read. When I became a stay at home mom, I joined the MOPS group at my church and totally found a new group of friends to connect with and gather support from.

    • Kat Charles

      MOPS is such an oasis for moms! Thanks for reading, Jenny!

  4. ShootingStarsMag

    These are all great tips. You definitely have to keep an open mind – you never know!!


  5. Tiff|SpectrumSenseForMoms

    Such a great article! I will say that finding my tribe has been the absolute hardest since becoming a mom. There are so many things that keep us from making those connections, and these are great tips to finally do it! I started searching at the beginning of this year, and have found some wonderful mamas to connect with through small groups. It makes such a difference!

    • Kat Charles

      Thanks for reading, Tiff! Small groups are a fantastic resource for making new friends.

  6. Julie Clark

    I have struggled with friendships in the past but I am blessed to have found a great “tribe”. Most of them are from church and while we don’t all the same personality we all have the same beliefs and priorities which I think helps for that inner circle.

  7. Melissa Javan

    I found my blogging tribe through reading a lot on the topic. Then I came across Facebook groups and Twitter chats, which led to friendships.

    • Kat Charles

      Delving into a hobby or business is a great way to make friends, Melissa!


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