Want to strengthen your marriage?

Maybe you are a newlywed looking for a way to strengthen your bond.

Maybe you are praying for a future spouse.

Maybe you are a weary wife in a troubled marriage who is in need of a miracle.

If only you knew what to pray.

When I first started praying for my marriage, I was overwhelmed by words.

I needed an already done-for-me strategy to help me pray intentionally and effectively.

If only I had a prayer calendar much like the one I’ve put together for you today.

Pray for your marriage, and watch it transform.

You’ve already done the hard part–entrusting your marriage to God.

Download 30 days of prayers for your marriage now!


What You’re Getting:

  • 30 powerful Scripture-based prayers
  • A tracking worksheet to help you stay consistent
  • Tips to help you pray effectively
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Meet Kat

Hey there!  I'm Kat, homeschooling mom of four.  I'm on a journey to design a life I don't want to hide in the bathroom from.  Sound good to you?  Hope you'll join me!

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