How Do I Start Homeschooling?

"I want to homeschool, but where do I start?" I've heard this question so many times since we started homeschooling a couple of years ago. I've read this question in many of the homeschooling Facebook groups I belong to. I've even answered this question in my DMs....

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40 Promising Ways to Improve Your Marriage

Disclaimer:  I am not a mental health professional/expert, nor am I a counselor.  I also don’t know the deep, dark details of your marriage.  If there is any abuse, infidelity, or other severe dysfunction present in your marriage, please seek help immediately.  ...

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7 Things an Angry Mom Needs More than Ever

Have you ever felt like crap because you yelled at your kids?  After you said you would stop? Do I EVER know how that feels. Anger.  For some, it’s an emotion we fear, conceal, and feel shame over. But why is that?   Anger is just an emotion--it’s neither right nor...

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The Miracle of Rest

Girl.  Where have you BEEN--is what I imagined you remarking on the fact that I've been MIA for the majority of the summer.  But it never happened.   I could very well shoot off another post as though I haven't been gone for an entire summer or so.   Or I...

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