3 Amazingly Easy Housekeeping Tips for the Majorly Distracted

I love a tidy home, but my zeal for cleaning has to be conjured up.  Dug up like my wedding ring fell off in the garden and I wasn't wearing gloves...
13 Things You Need to Clean your House Easily

13 Things You Need to Clean your House Easily

Is it possible that cleaning your house--yes, even with the kids in it--could be easy?  Or even FUN?  Could you IMAGINE such a thing? Never in a million years did I imagine myself giving anyone any kind of tips related to cleaning a house. With kids in it, y'all. But...

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Hi!  I’m Kat Charles, a married mother of four precious, spirited kiddos.  We homeschool in the DC area, and we totally dig it. I am an aspiring writer, secret shower singer, and lover of all things beautiful.



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