How to Find Time for Yourself as a Busy Mom

You may have heard that time is money. The truth is--your time is more valuable because, unlike money, you cannot get it back.I used to spend my...
13 Things You Need to Clean your House Easily

13 Things You Need to Clean your House Easily

Is it possible that cleaning your house--yes, even with the kids in it--could be easy?  Or even FUN?  Could you IMAGINE such a thing? Never in a million years did I imagine myself giving anyone any kind of tips related to cleaning a house. With kids in it, y'all. But...

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Hi!  I’m Kat Charles, a married mother of four precious, spirited kiddos.  We homeschool in the DC area, and we totally dig it. I am an aspiring writer, secret shower singer, and lover of all things beautiful.



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