THIS is why it’s so hard to keep friends.

THIS is why it’s so hard to keep friends.

Last week, we talked about the importance of friends, and how to *finally* find your tribe (if you don't already have one).  If you're active on social media, the constant interaction can easily make you feel like you're in the loop with others. The truth is, you can...

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5 Ways to Make Amazing Mom Friends

5 Ways to Make Amazing Mom Friends

Wanna boost your budget?  Master meal planning?  Clear the clutter?  Finally create a system that WORKS without losing your mind!  Mama, your time is NOW. Have you found your tribe?   If you have, you are blessed!  Cherish them!  There are so many reasons to...

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My name is Kathryn–but you can call me Kat.

I’m a wife, mom, and homeschooler.  I wear a lot of hats–can you relate?

I’m no stranger to Laundry Mountain, an overloaded schedule, and a weary soul.  I’m learning a lot about how to live a purposeful life, even in this crazy season of motherhood.

I want to help you make space in your heart, home, and schedule for what matters most.



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Meet Kat

Hey there!  I'm Kat, homeschooling mom of four.  I'm on a journey to design a life I don't want to hide in the bathroom from.  Sound good to you?  Hope you'll join me!

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