The Miracle of Rest

by | Sep 26, 2018 | self care


Wanna boost your budget?  Master meal planning?  Clear the clutter?  Finally create a system that WORKS without losing your mind!  Mama, your time is NOW.

Girl.  Where have you BEEN–is what I imagined you remarking on the fact that I’ve been MIA for the majority of the summer.  But it never happened.

I could very well shoot off another post as though I haven’t been gone for an entire summer or so.

Or I could just tell you what had happened was…


The Lowdown

After wrapping up our first year of homeschooling (woo hoo!) and nearly six months of blogging, editing, and promoting, and pretty much no days off… I found myself inevitably burned out.  I prayerfully decided to take a step back and several deep breaths, and to focus on fun and rest with my family for the summer.


A New Name

I was brimming with ideas but needed the space to let them blossom.  I had been contemplating a name change for quite some time, and as I already had a new blog name whispered onto my heart… I decided to go with it.

Welcome to Dearly Loved Child.

The reason I chose this name is because this blog was born out of a desire to encourage others as I discover who I am, underneath the many hats I wear as a wife, mom, citizen, friend, and everything else.  I am a child of God, dearly loved.  I have heard and read many stories from the perspective of a victor looking back on their hard, long journey.  These success stories are encouraging and offer hope for a weary heart.

However, I’m the type of person that needs to know that–not only is victory probable and inevitable in my not-yet-seen future–but that somebody out there [somewhere] is walking through the messy on a path that parallels my own.

In other words, I’m not writing from the mountaintop, but from the valley and the various crags and pits along the way.  There are things I’m going to flub while I’m fumbling to figure out life, and the [recovering] perfectionist in me wants to shrivel up and hide at the very thought of letting my vulnerabilities show.  However, this is a risk I’m willing to take if it will help someone else.


Girls’ Trip

I just got back from a 5-day vacation.  WITHOUT MY HUSBAND AND KIDS.  My first trip away from the family was spent with 14 other lovely women I met in my MOPS group in Louisville, Kentucky, for MOMcon 2018.  MOMcon is a conference loaded with workshops and dynamic speakers with a message for today’s women.  Y’all, this was the best time I’ve had in a while.  I came back rested, refreshed, and ready to dive back into my regularly scheduled life.



Before my trip, I had been edgy, lethargic, and fighting depression.  I was disconnected from my husband and kids, and felt kind of lost as a mother and wife.  Sometimes when we get tired of the same old, a good night’s sleep and maybe some time away to kick back and relax is all we need to feel rejuvenated.  However, if you find that even a vacation isn’t enough to ward off the blues (or isn’t an option at this time), maybe it’s time to consider a change in your routine.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:

What is most important to me right now?  Knowing your priorities will help you narrow down your schedule and avoid unnecessary overload.

Can my routine be simplified?  Are you cooking 3-course meals (from scratch) every night?  Are you spending hours cleaning every day?  Do you have trouble keeping up with the laundry?  Maybe you can cook 5 nights out of the week, and throwing in a crockpot meal or two is a major time and energy saver.

Is it possible that I have too much STUFF?  Are you susceptible to decision fatigue every time you open your freezer, fridge, or cabinets to plan your dinner because you have too many options?  Does it take you forever to decide what to wear each day?  Still having trouble keeping up with the laundry?  Paring down your wardrobe and pantry will ensure you love what you’re wearing and eating, without wasting time rifling through the other stuff.


The Miracle of {Everyday} Rest

You don’t have to take a vacation or toss all your stuff to experience the miracle of rest in your everyday life.  These are some of my favorite ways to alleviate daily stress:

Start the day smart.  I wake up before my kids to get some quiet reading and meditation time in.  This is when I talk to God about the day, and it sets me up for a purposeful day.

Move your body.  Most days, when I exercise, it’s in the morning before my kids get up.  If your kids are up before the sunrise, you may have to adjust your plans.  Exercise produces endorphins, which calms down my mind and improves my focus.

Take a minute.  I take a moment (normally during naptime or quiet time) in the afternoon to lie still and meditate and pray.  Connecting with God and myself throughout the day helps me to check my perspective.

Wind down before bed.  My goal is to avoid all electronics at least an hour before bed, so that my mind has a chance to settle down.  This is when I pick up the paperback book I’m reading, which helps me get to sleep faster.


If you’re feeling a bit stale, a change of scenery may be all you need to usher in a fresh perspective.  If you have a hunch it’s more than that, consider the tips above to alleviate decision fatigue and experience the miracle of rest in your everyday life.




Photo Credit: Derek Liang


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