What would you give for a 28-hour day?


If you’re anything like me, you may feel like a hamster on a wheel–

Wake up.


Kids and work.

Work and kids.

Cooking and cleaning.

Homework and activities.

Shower and sleep.

Rinse and repeat.

At this point, you don’t even have time to fantasize about squeezing anything else into your busy day.

Let’s get crazy and pretend you do have a minute to fantasize–what would you do with an extra hour or two?

Would you start a new hobby, a workout routine, or a passion project?

As a homeschooling mother of 4, I understand the struggle to balance all of your roles.  I used to work outside the home and my kids were in school, which meant I felt very much like a hamster on a wheel most days.  A zombie-hamster, to be exact.

I felt this way for the longest time until I discovered a secret weapon that gave me extra time to do the things I needed to do for myself so that I could feel more like myself.


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